13 February 2013


It is coming back, stronger, meaner and more ugly.

From our man in Northern Ireland

08 February 2013


What is Linkert Attacks! ?

Linkert Attacks! is a party for riders of dangerous old motorcycles.
The machines you will see there range from a sublime original paint Knucklehead to a ridiculous home built Ironhead chopper.

What type of machine qualifies for entry to Linkert Attacks! ?

Linkert Attacks! is fundamentally for old Harley Davidsons [pre-83] & Indians [pre-53] but since we are the home of the the greatest collection of motorcycles marques ever we welcome old Vincents, Broughs, Triumphs, Nortons, BSAs etc and with some persuasion we may even consider old Japanese bikes too.
NO Four wheelers of any description no matter how good your excuse.

Who is a 'Linkert Attacker'?

If you make it to Linkert Attacks! you are. It is about the ride....the drink & hug waiting for you at the end is just the cream on the cake.

Where do Linkert Attackers come from?

As we said this is a riders event and this year we are expecting bikes from the United States, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Wales & England.

What happens if I ride a Linkert Attacks! bike but my superhot girlfriend has an Evo?

You don't have to leave her behind, we have a parking area especially for that sort of thing BUT this must be by prior agreement with the hosts.

Where is it held?

That is the big question. We keep the location secret but suffice to say its a long way away from where you are now in a magical part of the deep south of England. Don't worry, we will release the details in good time.

Do I have to pay to get in?

Yes, no freebies, even the hosts buy their tickets. But in the ticket price you get 4 meals a welcome drink a goodie bag and endless amusement. This is not a 'bike show' but we do give out trophies to the best of whatever you are riding....and this year the trophies are worth far more than the ticket price so get to work.

This sounds great, what do I do next?

Either contact your friendly Black Widow and talk to him or email us at linkertattacksuk@gmail.com , tell us what bike you are riding and we will take it from there.

What is The Dook?

Don't ask stupid questions.